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Love story, this is my favorite song!

44279261 ago - Author: David Tuan

Love Story

[C]W e were both young when i first saw you 

[F]I close my eyes and the flashback starts 

[Am]I m standing there on a[F]ba lcony of summer air 

[C]S ee the lights, See the party the ball gowns 

I see you make[F]y our way through the crowd 

You say[A]he llo 

Little did i[G]know 

That you were[F]r omeo you were[G]throwing pebbles 

And my daddy[Am]sai d stay away[C]from Juliet 

And i was crying[F]o n the staircase 

Begging[G]y ou please[Am]do n't go, and[C]i s aid 

Romeo[C]ta ke me somewhere we can be alone 

I'll be[G]wai ting all theres left to do is run 

You'll[Am]be the prince and i'll be the princess 

[F]I ts a love story[G]ba by just[C]say y es 

[C]S o i sneak out to the garden to see you 

[F]W e keep quite because we're dead if they know 

So[Am]cl ose your eyes 

Let’s keep this[G]down for a little while 

Cause you were[F]Ro meo I was a[G]scarlet letter 

and my daddy[Am]s aid stay away[C]from Juliet 

But you were[F]e verything to me 

and i was[G]beggin g you please[Am]d on't go[C]and i said 

[C]R omeo take me somewhere we can be alone 

[G]I' ll be waiting all theres left to do is run 

[Am]Y ou be the prince i'll be the princess 

Its a[F]love story[G]ba by just say[C]y es 

[C]Rom eo save me, try to tell me how it is 

This[G]lov e is difficult, but its real, 

[Am]Save me from the breakdown, make it out of looseness 

[F]Its a love story baby[G]j ust say yes, oh 

Solo: C G Am F 

I got tired of[Am]waiti ng,[F]w ondering if you[C]were ever coming[G]aro und 

My faith in[Am]yo u was[F]fad ing 

Then i met you on[C]t he outskirts of town[G]a nd i said 

Romeo[C]save me i've been feeling so alone 

I keep waiting[G]fo r you but you never come 

Is this[Am]in my head, i don't know what to think 

He nelt[F]t o the ground and[G]pull ed out a ring and said 

Marry me[D]Ju liet you'll never have to be alone 

I love you[A]and thats all I really know 

I talked to[Bm]yo ur dad go pick out a white dress 

Its a[G]love story[A]ba by just[D]say yes 

[D]O h,[A]o h,[Bm]ye s 

We were[G]ver y young when i first[D]s aw you 

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