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Find a male friend to relieve needs

3 d ago - View count: 8

My name is Thu Thuy, 21 years old. I haven't had sex yet, so I want to try it once....

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Academic male, 58, from Hannover, Germany is looking for Girlfriend

19 d ago - View count: 23
About me: UPDATE 2020-05-04 ** English ** I live in Hannover, Germany. I am looking for contact...

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3 Tháng ago - View count: 1
Hi I hope this email meets you well. I will keep this brief as I know you must be very busy. I did...

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I want to find a boyfriend to go to marriage

13 Tháng ago - View count: 393


Finding a mate is hard. I am hana, you can see information about me and ask me more if you...

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Need You Now

16 Tháng ago - View count: 366

Picture perfect memories scattered all around the floor 
Reachin for the phone cause I can't fight it anymore 
And I...

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Right Here Waiting

16 Tháng ago - View count: 327

Oceans apart day after day 
And I slowly go insane 
I hear your voice on the line 
But it doesn't...

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My everything - love 98

16 Tháng ago - View count: 325

The loneliness of nights so long
The search for strength to carry on
My every hope had seemed to die

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16 Tháng ago - View count: 406


Hi My name is lary Look forward to getting to know you, to share your feelings. I am studying at...

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Find love

16 Tháng ago - View count: 251


I am Catalin, looking forward to finding a boyfriend. You can message me via this account. I am really happy...

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Love Story

16 Tháng ago - View count: 208

We were both young when I first saw you
I close my eyes and the flashback starts
I'm standing there...

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Love story, this is my favorite song!

17 Tháng ago - View count: 243

Love Story

[C]W e were both young when i first saw you 

[F]I close my eyes and the flashback starts 

[Am]I m...